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Yankees 11, Jays 3

For fireworks, there was a Tex double, a Robbie rope, and a Gritty Gutty Grand Slam.

And then there was Ole Glory, Andy Pettitte, doing what he does best.  He pitched 6 innings of 3 run ball.  Dustin Moseley pitched two scoreless, hitless innings, and then CHoP came in to pitch an utterly stress free 9th inning.

Do you find the 11 run 3rd inning relieved your concerns about the state of the Yankee offense, or do the 8 scoreless innings around the 3rd frame worry you? 

It's not as though the offense crushed every pitcher they saw.  Outside of the 3rd inning, the team managed 2 walks and 2 hits (one of which was promptly deleted by a GIDP.

Side note: The Yankees have 3 pitchers with 10 wins.  All three have WHIPs below 1.2.  And Tyler Kepner left both Sabathia and Hughes off of his All Star selections.  I know he doesn't get a vote, and that Joe G is likely to take too many Yankees rather than too few, but still... What's Ricky Romero's ERA after today's misadventure?