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A-Rod, A.J., and the Best Division in Baseball

We're still waiting for A-Rod to drive one.  But waiting after a win is much more enjoyable than waiting after a loss.

Am I the only one who expects him go one one of those tears where he gets to 610 in fewer AB than its taken to go from 599 to 600?

A.J. had his offspeed stuff working for him last night, and it showed:

“It’s the most I’ve felt like A.J. in a long, long time,” [Burnett] said. “That’s probably because I was able to throw a curveball for a strike.”

Am I allowed to feel sorry for the Mets yet?

The Tigers' acquisition of Jhonny Peralta to play third base didn't help them beat the Rays last night, so the Yanks didn't gain any ground in the division.

Just when I'm tempted to stop paying attention to the Red Sox unless they're playing the Rays or Yankees, Josh Beckett comes off the DL and looks good.  With 10 games left between the Yankees and Red Sox, 6 games between the Red Sox and Rays, and 10 games between the Yankees and Rays, the division is far from over.

Say what you want about hating interleague and the unbalanced schedule- I agree it's weird that the Yankees and Red Sox go months without a single meeting- I agree that it sucks that it makes the division race more like football, where the healthiest team at the time wins- but I like that a playoff spot is still basically up for grabs as August roles around.

And frankly, I wish the Red Sox players all speedy recoveries. I don't want to beat half a team. I want to beat the whole team.

One of the reasons I think I'm always so let-down by the post-season scheduling, is how do you top a September of 30 teams playing every day, when nearly every game has a real consequence to someone?

Is it wrong to feel that way?