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Yankees 8, Indians 0

This will cure what ails you. 

AJ Burnett started tonight and allowed zero runs.  He was relieved by Joba Chamberlain in the 7th, who allowed zero runs.  Sergio Mitre came in for the 8th and 9th and allowed.....wait for runs.

The game was basically over after the 3rd inning, as the Yankees led 7-0 at that point, and after the bottom of the 4th, just about nothing happened, period.

A-Rod didn't hit a home run, but he did hit a double in the 6th and grabbed the base out of the ground and held onto it as he slid (see the picture).  I've never seen that before.  If you run to third base while holding second base, what happens?

Play Of The Game: Tex's 2nd inning, bases loaded single put the Yankees chances of winning at about 85%, which tells you exactly what kind of game it was.

Quote Of The Game: Another tie.  This one was delayed about 45 minutes by rain, so Kevin L asked:

rain? or did Cervelli have to go?

RickettyCricket knew the answer:

He was pondering the task of catching AJ tonight, and the Earth cried for Him