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Indians 4, Yankees 1: It Was All Set Up for A-Rod, And ... Nothing

It was all there for Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees. History, an instant Yankee Classic and a great comeback. Ninth-inning, two-on, two-out, Yankees down three and A-Rod at the plate still seeking home run No. 600.

Then the mighty A-Rod swung at a Chris Perez pitch and ... bounced to short. Ballgame over. Yankees lose! Rodriguez remains annoyingly, frustratingly and unfortunately stuck at 599 home runs.

OK, so the Yankees -- as they so often do with pitchers they have never seen -- made Josh Tomlin look like Greg Maddux in his major-league debut. The kid went 7+ innings and surrendered just three harmless hits. I guess we all should have seen that one coming.

By the way, am I the only one annoyed that Manager Joe Girardi left CC Sabathia in the game for 123 pitches? I know CC can do that, but geez. The guy was struggling, the Yankees were behind, why keep pushing the guy? I know his choices might not be appealing, but did Joe forget he does have a bullpen?

Oh, well. Time to forget this one and look ahead

Play of the Game: FanGraphs says it was Matt LaPorta's 6th-inning double that made the score 3-0.

Comment of the Game: From DavidD, since you guys loved it so much.