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Vazquez and Granderson Combine to Win 3-2 Pitcher's Duel for Yankees

Attaboy, Curt.
Attaboy, Curt.

The credit for this hard-fought win should go to two men: Javy Vazquez and Curtis Granderson. Vazquez went seven frames and looked to be the losing pitcher (Westbrook was also pitching a gem), despite conceding just two runs, when Grandy walloped a two-run shot to rightfield.

He missed his second straight two-homer game by about a foot (hitting a long single off the rightfield wall in the fifth). Maybe he's finally turning the corner.

I don't want to get side-tracked by more poor umpiring, but it's hard to ignore. A trap in leftfield (called a catch) turned a two on, one out situation for Robbie Cano into an inning-ending DP.

Then Grandy singled off the wall and was thrown out at second... only replays showed we was safe. The situation went from second and third, one out to one on with two outs.

Is it possible that umpires are getting worse by the day? Or have they always been this bad and we're just noticing now because of better cameras and such?

Anyway, we witnessed a new eighth inning pecking order. It started when Girardi let Vazquez start the inning (surprising in and of itself) - he walked the first batter so he was pulled. Would Joba get another shot? Nope. In came Dave Robertson who immediately induced a GDP. Against the lefty Shin-Soo Choo, Girardi called on Boone Logan, who K'ed Choo on a 95-MPH heater. Looks like D-Rob and Logan/Marte will be the new 'bridge' to Mariano.

The match clocked in at a Joe West-approved 2:43.

Play of the Game: No question about it - Grandy's two-run blast in the eighth (+40%).

Comment(s) of the Game: Jedi Master A-Rod, with an unprecedented two.