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Around The Yankees Galaxy - 7/26/2010

Joba, we hardly knew you.
Joba, we hardly knew you.

The Yankees have now missed on the second big-name pitcher they've sought, as Dan Haren was traded to the Angels Sunday night. It makes me wonder why the Yankees seem to keep making superior offers to potential trading partners yet wind up coming short. 

It appears that Brian Cashman was unlikely to trade Joba anyway, but this ensures he'll play another day in pinstripes, although, with the outcry over his latest poor performance, and the trading deadline less than a week away, it might just be a day. 

I'm slowly beginning to believe that the 20-odd innings he pitched in 2007 actually doomed his career as a Yankee.  Every time we talk about him or think about him, that 0.38 ERA creeps in to warp our expectations.  I don't want to see him traded, nor do I think there's anything "wrong" with him from a mental/psychological standpoint, but I'm just not sure there's any kind of happy ending in his future, not in a Yankee uniform at least.


  • Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees have pursued both Adam Dunn and Joakim Soria.  I just can't imagine the Royals would be willing to unload a pitcher like Soria (great pitcher with a team-friendly contract) at a price that the Yankees would be willing to pay.  Plus, if Mariano Rivera does pitch a few more seasons - you never know - they'd potentially be looking at a $6-$8 million setup man.
  • The $6.00 price tag on the Jumbo soft pretzel wasn't enough of a deterrent for me to pass on Yankee Stadium food last week.  Maybe this will push me over the edge next time.