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Reflections on a Strange Game

It was quiet at the Stadium yesterday.

The heat was certainly to blame.  I didn't have a lot of extra energy for cheering, and it looked like everyone on the sunny side of the Stadium was walking around the concourse and the Great Hall to get in the shade.

The score was to blame.  The Yankees were never closer than down 2, and after the 3rd inning, never closer than down 3.  The offense was muffled- give Davies credit for throwing strikes, because although the Yanks blasted 3 homers, they only brought in 4 runs.

And maybe a July day game against the Royals with a 4 (now 3) game lead, just makes for a disinterested crowd.

408 tried to make some noise- a little league team a section over started several cheers, and there were some guys obviously traveled from out of town who were thrilled when they were able to start the 2 strike clapping.  But the full crowd didn't seem to focus on the game until the bottom of the ninth.

I've made it to 4-5 games a year for the past several years, and yesterday was easily the most passive crowd I've been part of.  Hopefully the Yanks give the fans a reason to make more noise today, and earn the series victory.

Thanks to I'mGivingYouARaise for meeting me at the Stadium.  As soon as I find the little chord for my camera, I'll post the picture we took with the World Series trophy.