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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Joba flattered but wants to stay

Joba Chamberlain is flattered to be a demand in the deal for Dan Haren -

It's actually kind of an honor. It means some team actually thinks you're pretty good...

[But] this is the only team I've ever known. As a player, you want to stay.

What he's saying is that the Yankees have a much better chance than the Arizona Diamondbacks to win games.

You can be sure that Girardi will use the Cubs' looming managerial opening as leverage in negotiations with the Yankees this winter. But would he seriously consider leaving his prestigious job to go home and try to do the impossible - win a championship with the Cubs?

... At the very least, it's going to cost the Yankees a lot more to sign him now than it would have had they given their manager an extension after he won the World Series last year.

If Girardi does decide to leave, who would you want as the next manager? Tony Pena? Long or Eiland? Someone from outside the organization?

  • Jesus Montero left last night's game in the second inning after being hit in the wrist by a pitch. Luckily it's just a bruised forearm - he's day-to-day.
  • A black armband has been added to Yankee uniforms to honor Ralph Houk, who died at 90 on Wednesday. The band is below Bob Sheppard's patch on the left sleeve. That's three patches in two weeks, not a good thing.
  • Acid reflux + pork chops = no GGBG. Brett Gardner ate pork chops on Friday and missed Saturday's game because of it. He's supposed to be in today's lineup.