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Kansas City Royals 7, New York Yankees 4: Teixeira's Two Home Runs Not Enough In Yankees Loss

"He got me out? Does he know who I am?"
"He got me out? Does he know who I am?"

Mark Teixeira hit two home runs today, but it was not enough, as the Yankees lost to the Royals 7-4. Sergio Mitre took the loss, going 4.2 innings, giving up seven hits and seven runs. (5 earned) Mitre threw 72 pitches, 44 for strikes.

Both Brett Gardner (acid reflux) and Nick Swisher (achilles) were not in the lineup, though Swisher did hit a pinch-hit fly out. The Yankees offense came from two home runs by Teixeira and a solo home run off the bat of Jorge Posada.

Alex Rodriguez did not hit his 600th home run, as he went 1-4. A-Rod will go for 600 tomorrow vs. Sean O'Sullivan, who you may remember as the starter for the Angels who beat the Yankees earlier this week (traded in the Alberto Callaspo deal)

The final out of the game caused controversey, as there was first and second with two outs for Teixeira. Teixeira hit a ground ball to Yuniesky Betancourt, who fired it to first and appeared to have gotten the out at first to end the game. The out was called, but the replays showed that Teixeira was actually safe. If safe, the bases would have been loaded for Alex Rodriguez and A-Rod would have had a chance to hit a walk off grand slam for number 600.

Comment of the Game: Not the funniest comment by far of the game, but jeeptheheap gets it because I completely agree with him.