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An Up And Down Night At The Stadium

Just got back from the game tonight and it did not go as planned at all. Remember my fanshot and discussions about monument park? Monument park closed very early and due to very heavy traffic I got to the game at 6:00. The main goal of the game was to see the Yankees win, as both games I went to this season the Yankees lost. The secondary goal was to see Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th home run. That's the main point of this post.

Every time Rodriguez came to the plate, flashes were coming from every direction, fans were screaming, and the stadium was just waiting to erupt. It didn't end up happening, but Rodriguez still had a solid night at the plate. The attendance was 46,801 people and even with the rain delay most stayed for 8 innings then left.

The rain delay was nothing short of amazing. In the Great Hall fans were packed into little corners trying to stay under cover and not get rained on. There was a mist of water above everyone and lightning was heard from every direction. Personally, I used the delay as an opportunity to visit the Yankees store and buy a Yankees media book. 448 pages of information for $20. Great read.

Overall, a night that started with hopes of seeing monuments and milestones ended with one milestone (Jorge Posada's 1000th RBI) and a pleasant experience.