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Despite Rain Delay, Good A.J. Wins Eighth

"Drop it, drop it, drop it!"
"Drop it, drop it, drop it!"

[Update - Yanks, D-Backs 'never close' on Haren.]

An hour and a half delay in the fifth inning prevented A.J. Burnett from returning to finish his best game in weeks. He certainly wasn't stellar, but good enough to beat a team like Kansas City, having just enough command to get swinging strikes on his curveball.

Brian Bannister settled down after a rough start and didn't allow another run through 4.2 frames despite the Yankees getting numerous opportunities.

There was no home run for A-Rod tonight, who saw standing crowds at every AB, pleading to be witnesses to history. Smartly, A-Rod took his usual level swings, just trying to put the ball in play, lining a double to right and a single to left.

Big games for Gardner (2-4, 2B, BB), who hit leadoff, Cano (2-4, 2B), Posada (2-3, 2B, BB), who drove in his 1000th run, and Colin Curtis (2-4), who is a joy to watch. He's been very impressive in limited time, showing an advanced approach at the plate and plus defense in the outfield.

Only two Yankees didn't reach base, Jeter (0-4) and Frankie (0-3, sac bunt). Not to pile on, but all of Jeter's ABs were with RISP and he even GDP'ed for good measure (btw, he's the Yankees all-time leader in that category now).

Outside of the rain delay, the actual game was a Joe West-approved 2 1/2 hours.

Play of the Game: Don't-cha-know's bases-clearing double in the first (+16.5%).

Comment of the Game: Jedi Master A-Rod - amen brother!