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Yankees 10, Royals 4: It Ain't Pretty, But It's A Win

Yeah, that's close enough to tagged.
Yeah, that's close enough to tagged.

If you get home late, don't let the score fool you- this was tense into the 8th inning.

There are days when I'm happy to turn the game off after the final out, and then there are days when I wish I was a beat reporter and I could go into the clubhouse and ask some questions.

"Jorge, why'd you throw to third when the sure out was at first?"

"Home plate ump Eric Cooper, how'd it feel to blow the call in favor of the Yankees costing the Royals one sure run and prematurely ending the inning?"

"A pleasure to meet you Mr. Cervelli.  May I bask for a moment in the glory of your presence?"

"Third base ump Chad Fairchild, how'd it feel to blow the call in favor of the Royals forcing Joba Chamberlain to get 4 outs in the 8th inning?"

"Derek, do you ever get to first base and want to holler 'What slump?' to the press box?"

"Joba, why didn't you have Podsednik hit the ball harder so Jeter could field it cleanly?  Same question on Kendall's hit to Arod. Why can't you ever work a clean inning? You putz."

"Alex, you're a smart guy and very aware of the history of the game.  How many home runs do you think you'll need to hit to legitimately be considered the homerun king?"

"Brett- great throw in the 5th.  Were you born gritty and gutty, or did your GG powers develop as you grew?"

"Marcus.  Marcus?  You're still on the team?"

"Scott Podsednik, where the hell did you learn to play left field?"

Comment of the Game: Edgware for making me laugh. Revoked for this dumb comment.  Instead, it goes to greatscott for the GI Joe reference.

Play of the Game: Posada's double off Chen to drive in Cano making it 4-3 was worth a wopping 14.9%.