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Joe Girardi To The Chicago Cubs Speculation Is Everywhere

I have no idea if New York Yankee manager Joe Girardi would actually consider leaving the Bronx to manage his hometown Chicago Cubs in the wake of Lou Piniella's retirement. I do know it seems like everyone has an opinion.

  • SB Nation New York has summarized some of what is being said around the Inter-Google.
  • New York Magazine thinks the move would make sense.
  • Ex-major leaguer Rob Dibble seems to believe Girardi might actually bolt the Yankees for Chicago.
  • River Avenue Blues says it would understand if Girardi went home. RAB also says this gives Girardi a serious hammer to squeeze more cash out of the Steinbrenners.
  • The Washington Examiner says the Cubbies would be stupid not to at least consider Girardi. I have to agree with that.
If Girardi were to leave, who the heck manages the Yankees? Not sure I want to think about that.