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6-1 Blue Jays: Bullpen, lineup blow game for Burnett

The only positive to take from this tough loss were the 6.2 shutout innings from A.J. Burnett. He was locating his fastball with precision and showed decent enough command of the curveball to keep hitters honest.

Unfortunately, Joba looked much the way he has all year: no command, inconsistent velocity, falling behind hitters. In fact, he was lucky he conceded just one run - Brett Gardner made a spectacular leaping grab against the leftfield wall to rob Alex Gonzalez of extra-bases. Somehow, it just felt like Joba would let Toronto tie the game there.

Everything truly fell apart in the 11th. Dave Robertson and Chan Ho combined to let in five runs, ending any chance of a comeback.*

The hitters went 0-fer the day with RISP (0-8 to be exact), highlighted by coming up with nothing after loading the bases with none out in the third. Brett Cecil walked six Yankees, yet somehow escaped jam after jam. The only run scored on a sac-fly way back in the first. They failed to score in the next ten frames. Derek Jeter hasn't had an RBI in 15 games, the longest stretch of his career. The offense just hasn't been right for weeks now. They might score a bunch in one game, but will then look lost the next two. Since the eight-run game against Roy Halladay on June 15th, they've scored four runs or less in 11 of the 15 games since (with a 7-8 record).

What a way to start the weekend.

Play of the Game: Aaron Hill's two-out RBI single that tied the game in the eighth.

Comment of the Game: benshu, for an image (and the song it belongs to) that we need after a game like this.

*Not to make excuses, but D-Rob was... well, robbed of a pretty obvious strike. I was surprised Kay and Singleton didn't make more of it. Jarrett Hoffpaur was trying to bunt with runners on first and second, none out - so the count went to 1-1 instead of 0-2 (which would have prevented Hoffpaur from bunting), and who knows what would happen then. Here's the graph:


He ended up laying down a successful sac bunt, moving both runners over.