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Minor league round-up

Couldn't crowbar this in anywhere, so I'll just mention a couple things here.

John Manuel wrote notes on a current and former Yankee farmhand -

**Braves pitching prospect Arodys Vizcaino has a partial tear in an elbow ligament, but current indications are that he won't need surgery... Reports about his stuff were very positive, and until this setback he was definitely living up to the expectations the Braves had when they got him from the Yankees in the Javier Vazquez deal.

**Dellin Betances is back on the mound in the Yankees system and pitching great; 0.39 ERA, 27/3 K/BB in 23 innings for High-A Tampa, with only eight hits allowed so far. The elbow problems that dogged him last year seem a thing of the past, and indeed he's now pitching better than before... I'd leave him at Tampa for another month, then if he's pitching like this on August 1st, move him up. I didn't have him on my Yankees Top 20 list this year, but he's right back on it now of course, and if he's pitching anything like this at the end of August, he could get into a Top 100 overall list.

You should remember that A-Viz was the main piece Atlanta wanted in return for Vazquez - Melky and Mike Dunn were merely complementary. On Betances, great to see him not only approaching his ultra-high ceiling, but to be doing so after multiple injuries.

#5, Jesus Montero, age: 20, 72 games, .251/.318/.417

Triple-A has proven to be the toughest challenge yet for Montero, who previously had cruised through every level. He has come alive of late, though, and we're beginning to see that huge offensive potential once again.

#15, Austin Romine, age: 21, 65 games, .287/.368/.430

If you look at his minor-league track record, Romine has really been a model of consistency, and that counts for a lot in the prospect world. He continues to hit very well in Double-A and play exceptionally well behind the dish. Having this luxury of multiple top-flight catching prospects could allow the Yankees to pull off a big trade.

#25, Gary Sanchez, age: 17, 9 games, .424/.525/.788

Three Yankee catchers in one list? That's right. Sanchez was the only rookie level player I felt comfortable including based on what I've seen from him and the rave reviews he's getting early on in his first pro season. This is another potential impact bat at the catching position for the Yankees, and although it's a gamble to rank him this high, he has that type of upside.

If you haven't heard of Sanchez yet, he was last year's top Yankee IFA signing, getting a cool $3 million (the most ever given to an amateur IFA by the Yanks).

(h/t to RAB)