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Around the Yankee Galaxy: A.J. pulls a Kevin Brown

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A.J. Burnett told the coaching staff that he cut his hands bracing himself from a fall down the dugout stairs. It turns out he lied, and later confessed to cutting them when he shoved open two wooden doors after the second inning (not as stupid as Kevin Brown, but pretty bad). Burnett is still scheduled to make his next start (Friday vs. Kansas City).

  • How will Hal Steinbrenner run the club differently than his father? Wally Matthews has some thoughts -

... the upcoming contract negotiations for Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte -- and two years hence, Jorge Posada -- just got more contentious. Hal Steinbrenner does not have the same sentimentality or emotional attachment to those players that his father did. It's not in his nature -- and besides, he didn't have all that much interest in the Yankees back in the Core Four's glory days, anyway.

By all accounts, Hal Steinbrenner is an ambivalent, even reluctant, Boss.

As long as he lets the 'baseball people' make the decisions and signs the checks, it's all good.

I've been fortunate enough to be on the field and to start hearing his voice at the beginning of either batting practice, or a game, or when he'd start announcing things. It was just -- you've arrived. That voice just rings in your ears... his voice is something we'll all remember forever.

It must be something to experience that. Just imagine having your name announced in Yankee Stadium by Bob Sheppard...