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Yankees 5, Rays 10: Ugly

Well, at least someone looks positive.
Well, at least someone looks positive.

AJ was bad, but not quite Bad AJ.  He lacerated a finger on his pitching hand when he fell on a staircase somewhere in the Stadium.

The real problem was yesterday's problem, too.  The Yankees hit some homers, but only when the bases were empty.  And when there were ducks on the pond (Cano in the 7th, Jeter in the 8th), the Yanks couldn't get the big hit to get back in the game.

Exposure is one of the least (publicly) studied aspects of pitching, even though I'd argue it might be the most important.  Give me two guys with equal stuff, one the hitters have seen, one they haven't, and the advantage is always with the new guy.

Moseley pitched pretty well until the lineup turned over.  His 11 pitch AB to start the 5th should have been his last batter, and it might have been if the Yanks had the lead.

But Joe G manages to the score, and Moseley was out there to eat innings.  By the end of the inning, the game was over.

Comment of the Game: Kevin L's endless positivity.

Play of the Game: Brignac's homer off AJ basically killed the Yanks' chances.