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Some Non-Steinbrenner New York Yankee Notes

Here are a few non-George Steinbrenner New York Yankee stories to keep you occupied on another day without Yankee baseball. Oh, there will be baseball as play resume following the All-Star break, just not Yankee baseball.

  • It's About The Money has a great look at Brett Gardner. The article comes away with the conclusion that Gardner is not only a unique player, but is vastly under-appreciated, as well.
  • Baseball Prospectus offers its prescription for the Yankees during the second half. They come to the same consensus as most folks do -- Brian Cashman need to find some bullpen help for Mariano Rivera.
  • A player poll finds Joba Chamberlain as the game's most overrated player. My question is, the way Joba has been pitching just who, exactly, is overrating the guy? I know I'm not.
  • Alex Rodriguez is apparently going to make his acting debut.
  • Could Jonathan Albaladejo help the Yankee bullpen? He is pitching lights-out in Scranton, and might be a different guy than the one we have seen in previous stints with the Yankees. It couldn't hurt to give him a shot.