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How To Fix The All Star Game

Haha, my hand is bigger than yours!
Haha, my hand is bigger than yours!

There are many articles going around talking about how to fix the all star game. Well, here's another one! Let's get straight into my thoughts about how to fix it if the game has to count.

If the game counts:

1. Eliminate fan voting for the starters, have the managers pick the starters. Have the starters announced and then a week of fan voting for half of the bench players. Players pick the rest of the bench players, managers and players do half and half for picking the pitchers.

This was included because the game matters. Do you really want a guy like Yadier Molina (hitting .223/.301/.294 this season) starting because the fans like him the best out of the catchers? Sure, he is great at defense, but he is not the best option. The manager is more likely to pick the best-not the most popular-player.

The fans are not taken out of the equation all together, so they can still see their favorites in the game, just not as starters necessarily.

2. Allow all starters (except for pitcher and DH) to re-enter the game once.

This year for the first time, one player was allowed to re-enter the game. The manager had to pick a utility player to designate as this kind of player. Instead of this, why not let all the starters re-enter the game? This way instead of John Buck (who got the job done actually) being up in the 9th, the starter (picked by the manager in my situation) would be up.

My friend and I had an intense argument about this. He said there would be injuries and fatigued players and it would never work. People don't seem to understand the fact that if this game is deciding home field advantage, it is worth the injuries. If your ultimate goal is to reach the World Series AND win the World Series, wouldn't you want to go all out in hopes of winning home field advantage? I'm willing to argue about this.