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R.I.P. George Steinbrenner: The Loss Of A Boss

Thanks for everything George. You will truly be missed.
Thanks for everything George. You will truly be missed.

I was at work today when I got about four texts. The first was from my friend Mike, a Red Sox fan. The text said "I am sorry to hear about George Steinbrenner, I know he meant a lot to you." The next few texts finally made me realize what had happened. The boss is gone. I sat there, 5th graders running all around me yelling that they want to go outside and just stopped everything. I didn't hear a word coming out of anyones mouth, I didn't care what happened to the kids I was in charge of. The loss of the boss had hit me. The man who single handedly molded a lost franchise into a dynasty is gone.

I know that the other writers wrote their thoughts in the last post, but I was not able to submit my thoughts in time. I feel it is my job as a Yankees fan to share my thoughts. Sorry for the double post.

George Steinbrenner created the Yankees. That may not be really true, but it is what most current Yankees fans will believe. He bought the franchise and immediately turned it into a winner. He gave the Yankees a new stadium, an all star game, a dynasty, and hopefully another one.

Believe it or not, every time the ball is hit in the new Yankee Stadium, George Steinbrenner made it possible. He took the steps necessary to provide the most successful franchise in all of sports with a new stadium and that seems to be forgotten. I doubt when any of you went to your first game at the new stadium you thought "George made this possible!" I know I didn't. Whether he paid for it or not, he created the foundation and followed through with it, despite many peoples reluctance.

That was just George. He was willing to go further than any other owner, take whatever steps necessary to win. He despised losing. I say all this not knowing the man. I had never met the man, but he was one of the people that you can just talk about as if you did. He was suspended many times, but he just wanted to win. People are saying he changed the course of baseball history. People say he spent too much money. People say he was a bully, he made baseball almost impossible for other franchises. People are right. He won.

It is already being said that World Series #27 was George's last hurrah. This should not be the case. Bob Sheppard passed away the other day and immediately we all said let's win #28 for him. Now we have another reason to. George wouldn't want the Yankees to stop and lose focus. He would want them to win. So how about we say it again: #28 is for Bob Sheppard and George Steinbrenner. R.I.P.