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Nick Swisher Enjoyed Home Run Derby

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New York Yankees' outfielder and first-time All-Star Nick Swisher seems to enjoy everything he does. So it would figure that getting bounced out of Monday's Home Run Derby after the first round did not bother him.

"I didn't get blanked in the Derby," the Yankees' right fielder said. "I put up a respectable number, so that's good. I had such a good time today. It was a great experience. I had a lot of fun out there.

"I was looking around. I was so fired up. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do this. I'd definitely do it again."

Good for Swish. Hopefully, Joe Girardi gets him a few innings and couple of at-bats tonight.

Speaking of enjoying the All-Star experience, Alex Rodriguez has been to a bunch of these, but says this one is special.

"I'm just so happy to be here," Rodriguez said Monday. "Last year, I didn't like not being here, but I had gone through a lot of stuff. Being here gives me a lot of perspective of how different I am as a person and as a teammate from 500 home runs to hopefully 600 home runs. To find some perspective in that, it's pretty interesting."

Second baseman Robinson Cano is also thrilled to be playing.

"It's one of the best things that ever happened in my life," Cano told reporters after the selection. "It's going to look like we're playing back at Yankee Stadium. We're going to have all of our guys in there. It's going to be pretty exciting.

"I can't wait."

Other Yankee News & Notes

Girardi to the Chicago Cubs? Seems the Cubbies will likely be looking for someone to replace Lou Piniella after this season, and speculation is centering on the Yankee skipper.

What's nearly as certain is that the Cubs will have a managerial opening after this season, whether because Piniella steps down, is not asked back, or by some mutual decision.

And for all the attention and sentiment directed Ryne Sandberg's way by those speculating on Piniella's successor, it's hard to imagine a more suitable replacement than the other guy who played there, is from there, has succeeded at two different ends of the major league managing spectrum and has commanded respect and performance from young teams in Florida as well as celebrity teams in New York.

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