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A Rough Day In Yankees Universe

Today is, as the title says, a rough day in Yankees Universe. After a dissapointing loss to the Mariners last night, the news came out this morning that legendary PA announcer Bob Sheppard has passed away at age 99. This is devastating news to Yankees Universe, as Bob Sheppard was the voice of the Yankees for over 4,500 baseball games, 22 pennants, and 13 world series victories.

Sheppard made his Yankees PA debut on April 17, 1951, a win over the Boston Red Sox. Sheppard officially announced his retirement on November 26, 2009.

Sheppard was the greatest Yankee to never put on a Yankees uniform.

From WIkipedia:

(on Derek Jeter using his recording)

Sheppard is thrilled with this: "It has been one of the greatest compliments I have received in my career of announcing. The fact that he wanted my voice every time he came to bat is a credit to his good judgment and my humility."

 Sheppard frequently cited Mickey Mantle as one of his favorite names to announce. Said Sheppard, "Mickey Mantle says 'Everytime Bob Sheppard introduced me at Yankee Stadium, I got shivers up my spine.' And I said to him, 'So did I.'"

R.I.P. Bob Sheppard.

In other Yankees news, the Yankees lost another game thanks to Joba Chamberlain last night. Many people are calling for the release/trading/hitting by a bus of Joba, but the truth is this is not the first pitcher to happen to this season. Remember when Burnett and Vazquez were being called out? They returned to solid form. Give Joba some time and he will succeed.

The only question is, do the Yankees have the time? Should the Yankees put Joba in a mop up role until he pitches well again and use someone like Robertson in the set-up role? Truth is, no matter who the Yankees put in the set-up role, that pitcher will be under high scrutiny every time he gives up a hit. It is a lose-lose situation for the Yankees.

Anyone who thinks that Phil Hughes should have gone to the bullpen if Cliff Lee was acquired is an idiot. Hughes, an All-Star this season, does not need to be treated like Joba does, nor would he benefit from a trip to the bullpen. The team wouldn't benefit in the long run, either.