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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Eiland diagnoses Burnett

It didn't take Dave Eiland long to diagnose A.J. Burnett's mechanical problems -

... [he was] opening up his front side during his delivery and was not following through properly toward the plate, which flattened out his pitches and affected his control.

"The big thing with A.J. is he flies open," Eiland said... "The key catchphrase with him is ‘all your energy toward home plate.' "

Burnett's next start is Friday against Toronto.

... to help fund the construction of the Bronx hospital's outpatient center, according to a news release from the Yankees. The center offers treatment for cardiac illnesses, asthma, diabetes and neurological disorders, among other health issues...

Good man.

Once complete, Heritage Field will include three baseball fields, bleachers, track-and-field space and commemorative touches that pay respect to the old ballfield.

Joba Chamberlain and Brian Cashman took part.

  • Day game today: Sabathia vs. Rowland-Smith at 1 p.m.