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No. 1 Pick Culver Likes His Pinstripes

Worried about the Yankees' ability to convince Cito Culver to back out of his commitment to the University of Maryland and sign with them? Don't be. Have you heard this story, reported here by Chad Jennings?

Yankees first-round pick Cito Culver was supposed to be on a conference call with the media at 4 p.m. on Tuesday. It was pushed back to 4:30 because Culver was getting a tuxedo for the senior ball at his high school. He and a friend picked out a pinstriped version, and there was disappointment in his voice when he told the New York writers that the pinstripes are black, not blue.

"I’ve been working for this all my life," Culver said. "And to go 32 overall to my favorite team, and the team I’ve been growing up watching, and the team my family has followed for years now, it was an awesome feeling. It was unreal."

Two years ago, the Yankees drafted a high school kid who didn’t sign. That doesn’t seem likely in this case. Culver has advisors working for him, and so he naturally didn’t rule out the idea of sticking to his commitment to the University of Maryland, but there was a sense that he simply couldn’t help himself.

"I think that I just can’t wait to be a Yankee," he said.

Sorry, Terps. I think you will have an extra scholarship to hand out pretty soon.