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Draft Open Thread

Update 9:58 pm -

Yankees select Cito Culver, a high school shortstop. He's from upstate NY and is committed to Maryland.

Culver generates draft interest at three-different positions, making him one of the more intriguing draft prospects in the 2010 prep class... switch-hitter with solid strength... below average power... 10 home runs in his peak... split over whether he'll be an outfielder or a shortstop... already a fringe-average runner... has even more mound potential, though he's probably a reliever... throws 87-91... but gained a few ticks this spring... higher ceiling as a hitter... Culver fits best in the fourth to sixth round range.

- 2010 MLB Draft Notebook, by Andy Seiler


The 2010 MLB Draft starts in an hour. Feel free to discuss any and all topics regarding it here. Also check out MLB Bonus Baby for great draft coverage.

The first round will go as such:

1. Washington Nationals
2. Pittsburgh Pirates
3. Baltimore Orioles
4. Kansas City Royals
5. Cleveland Indians
6. Arizona Diamondbacks
7. New York Mets
8. Houston Astros
9. San Diego Padres
10. Oakland Athletics
11. Toronto Blue Jays
12. Cincinnati Reds
13. Chicago White Sox
14. Milwaukee Brewers
15. Texas Rangers
16. Chicago Cubs
17. Tampa Bay Rays
18. Los Angeles Angels
19. Houston Astros
20. Boston Red Sox
21. Minnesota Twins
22. Texas Rangers
23. Florida Marlins
24. San Francisco Giants
25. St. Louis Cardinals
26. Colorado Rockies
27. Philadelphia Phillies
28. Los Angeles Dodgers
29. Los Angeles Angels
30. Los Angeles Angels
31. Tampa Bay Rays
32. New York Yankees