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Around the Yankees Galaxy 6/7/10

-The way the Yankees season has unfolded so far, it's not that surprising that yet another player is slumping and under-performing typical expectations.  Mark Teixeira's slow start had been muted somewhat by slow starts from other players - Javy Vazquez, Joba Chamberlain, and Derek Jeter - but now it's the buzz around the Yankees galaxy. 

A .215/.328/.370 batting line is much lower than what we're used to from him, but I wouldn't count on it staying there for much longer.  Even after Saturday's 5 strikeout performance, Tex isn't walking or striking out any more or less often than he ever has.  At the same time, his GB, FB, and LD rates are virtually unchanged too.  Those who aren't sabermetrically inclined don't like to hear the term "bad luck", but the fact is, Tex is doing everything he can, everything he's ever done, to hit well, and the results will show up eventually. 

-It's About The Money gives a pretty nice rundown of the Yankees at the one third mark of the season.

-Tyler Kepner Monday Morning Quarterbacks the first 5 picks on the 1992 amateur draft.  I hear some guy named Jeter was taken with the sixth pick....

-Did you know that both Bo Jackson and Mark Prior were drafted by the Yankees?  They were, although obviously neither of them signed.