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Around the Yankee Galaxy: What to do about Teixeira?

Mark Teixeira tied a Yankee record for strikeouts in a game with five punch-outs yesterday. Joe Girardi has no plans to move him out of the three-hole. But should he? Yes, in my opinion. I wanted him moved down in April. He currently has 14 hits in his last 82 PA (.171) with three extra-base hits.

  • Chad Gaudin eventually lost yesterday's match, and it begged the question of how closers should be used on the road. Girardi didn't want to bring in Rivera because, in his mind, it would have automatically necessitated a second inning, and Joe didn't want to strain his closer. I disagree. Bring him in, if he pitches a scoreless inning in a tie game, is it really so bad? He wouldn't have to be used a second inning. At the very least, it would push the lesser relievers (like Gaudin) back another inning.
  • The first major boxing match in Yankee Stadium (since 1976) took place last night. Junior middleweights Yuri Foreman and Miguel Cotto squared off. I went to sleep before the fight ended, but you can find the results here.