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Jays 3, Yankees 2: Extra Innings Are Extra Painful

Only one K shy of the record.
Only one K shy of the record.

The Blue Jays are a good baseball team.

I didn't think they have the pitching to hang in the AL East; I didn't think they have high enough quality hitters.

Pettitte and Romero matched each other pitch for pitch: 2 runs each; 8.0 IP for Romero, 7.2 for Pettitte; 5 hits each; 4 BB for Romero, 3 for Pettitte; 10 K for Pettitte, 7 for Romero.

The Yankee bullpen provided 5.2 innings of scoreless work, but it wasn't enough.  The offense provided 13 baserunners, but they couldn't clump them together.  I especially liked the performances from Joba and CHoP.

I hate to lose, and I especially hate to lose games that seemed winnable.  I wasn't able to watch the first several innings, but this never felt winnable.  The Jays pitched too well, and there were too many holes in the lineup: only Tex and Cano played the whole game without a hit, but it never seemed like the team was hitting the ball squarely.

So try not to lose too much sleep, and we'll come back tomorrow to try to salvage a game.

Play of the Game: No shock here.

Comment of the Game: Lord Duggan.

I agree completely, Duggan. You know what would 'save' the game?  Pitching a scoreless inning or two.  If Mariano Rivera is the pitcher most likely to pitch a scoreless inning, why not use him even if you can't add to the stat total?