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Saturday News: The Tools of Ignorance

In case anyone forgot, the sweep of Baltimore followed by the loss to the Blue Jays underscores: it's all about the pitching.

Which is why there is fan pressure building to give Mark Melancon another shot in the big league pen.  But I don't think you should bring up a guy who is struggling, and he's clearly struggling right now: 24 hits with 9 walks in his last 15 innings, including 16 baserunners in his last 3.2 IP (3 appearances).

Let him get his mechanics right, and then when he's riding a little hot streak, call him up.

If you want to call someone up, there's Zach McAllister: after struggling out of the gate, Z-Mac's last 5 starts have been exactly what I expect of him.  He's pitched into the 7th inning every start up one, and that oddball was a 6.0 IP.  He gives up a hit per inning, but a BB/9 of 1.3 and a K/9 of 4.8 suggests he could be a respectable presence in the major leagues.

But McAllister's biggest asset is that he's a starter, and I understand if Cashman and the Yankees are hesitant to move him to the pen when he might be available to spot start.

Free advice: If you go trolling for women, don't bring your World Series ring with you.

The MLB draft is only a couple days away, and the Yankees are sticking to their plan of bringing in the best talent regardless of position.  This is the strategy that brought in catcher John Murphy last year despite the presence of Cervelli, Romine and Montero in the system.

That said, I'd like to see pitchers with the highest upside they can find.  Graduation and injury have thinned the system, but one impact player can change the franchise (see: Phranchise, Phil).