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Yankees 0, Mariners 7

I know the word "impotent" brings up unwanted connotations, but I can't think of a better word to describe the Yankees bats tonight.

Javier Vazquez actually pitched pretty well - 6 IP, 8 K, 3 ER - but the offense only managed 4 baserunners by the time he left the game, and that isn't going to get you many wins.  Damaso Marte blew the game open - it seems like he was due for one of those outings - and then Chad Guadin came in to do what Chad Gaudin does. 

Play of the Game: Milton Bradley's 1st inning homer.  The win probability charts are pretty boring to look at for games as one-sided as these.

Quote of the Game: Goes to greatscott723:

You know it's a bad game when not even YES nominates any Yankee as "Player of the Game"