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Is It Time To Consider Jermaine Dye?

The Yankees bench currently consists of a combination of rookies and inexperienced hitters. The Yankees are likely scanning the trade market for a bench bat that would be an improvement. Such options would take a little bit of time to complete a deal. There is another market that the Yankees might want to be looking at. The free agent market.

There is only one bat on the free agent market that's worth talking about. That bat belongs to Jermaine Dye. Last season Dye hit .251/.340/.453 with the Whitesox. He hit 27 homeruns and 81 RBIs. Dye has not played since last season, but could he still help the Yankees off the bench? Yes.

Right now the Yankees have Chad Huffman and Colin Curtis as the outfielders off the bench. While they have certainly held their own in the bigs, the Yankees could use a veteran hitter that might give opposing managers a little bit of a scare. With Marcus Thames coming back soon, the main argument could be that Thames and Dye are similar players. Both players are similar in the fact that they can help the Yankees.

The Yankees should not throw all the money they can at Dye. They should continue looking for better options in the trade market. However if that doesn't work out, Dye should be considered. The Yankees do not necessarily need him and I am not necessarily saying I want the Yankees to get him. The truth is the Yankees just need to consider this option and not let their bench continue to consist of all inexperienced players.