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You Can't Have It Both Ways

I apologize in advance, but this post has almost nothing to do with the Yankees. This post is based completely on last nights horrifically blown call that cost Armando Galarraga baseball immortality. This could have been avoided. Most perfect games that are lost late are lost by a pitchers mistake, whether it be a bad pitch or a bad play. This time? This time it was not the pitchers fault. This time it was not Jim Joyce's fault. This time it was Bud Selig's fault.

For those of you who are going to immediately say I am blaming this on Bud Selig because he is an easy target are wrong. I am one of the few people that do not hate Selig. However, Selig is to blame for the happenings of last night.

Some baseball fans say they don't want instant replay because it will take away from the human aspect of the game. The same fans were likely disgusted with a human umpire named Jim Joyce. Joyce did not purposely take a perfect game away from Galarraga. He made the best call he could at the time. He was wrong.

All MLB has to do is use the same instant replay rules as the NFL. Two challenges per team. Worried about time, fans and Joe West? Too bad. If you are going to worry about time, things like this will happen. If you are going to worry about making each game the best game possible, sure it might take another 30 minutes, but we won't have pitchers being robbed of the greatest personal accomplishments.

Selig has not added new replay rules yet. If he doesn't after this, he never will. (Unless something happens in the World Series) Part of me is angry at Jim Joyce, but most of me is angry at Bud Selig and every fan who has ever complained about human aspects and times of games. You can't have it both ways. End of story.