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Eiland Coming Back Tuesday, Should The Yankees Consider Skipping Burnett?

The Yankees announced today that Dave Eiland will return to the Yankees on Tuesday in New York, when the Yankees are playing the Mariners (side note: I'll be there).

When Javier Vazquez was struggling earlier in the year, the Yankees had him skip a start to work on mechanics and other issues with Dave Eiland. Since then, Vazquez has pitched wonderfully, giving up 4+ earned runs only twice. Vazquez has become semi-reliable, while A.J. Burnett has become more and more inconsistent by the day.

So, is it time to skip Burnett one time through the rotation? The Yankees don't have many good spot-start options with Mitre and Aceves hurt. Would you trust Chad Gaudin for a spot start? How about calling up Ivan Nova for one start then sending him down?

The main question is: would skipping Burnett help or hurt the team? Do the Yankees feel more likely to win with Burnett on the mound, or with a spot starter on the mound? Girardi has said he does not want to skip Burnett, but he also said that about Vazquez.

Burnett is next scheduled to pitch Friday at home against the Blue Jays. In one start vs. the Blue Jays this season, Burnett took the loss, giving up 6 runs in 6 innings. Gaudin faced the Blue Jays in relief one game and has an 8.10 ERA. Nova has not faced the Blue Jays.