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Q&A With A Baltimore Orioles Blogger About Ty Wigginton

Here at SB Nation we have blogs for each MLB team. The Orioles blog, titled Camden Chat, has the hilarious tagline "Baltimore Orioles: First Place Alphabetically Since 1954." One of the bloggers who write for Camden Chat, James F, agreed to answer some questions about what it would take to get Ty Wigginton in pinstripes.

Brandon C: Is Ty Wigginton available?

James F: All signs point to yes

Brandon C: What kind of player would the Orioles want for Wigginton?

James F: Their first choice would be an infield bat, preferably a shortstop.  I doubt they get one, and the Yankees don't have one to spare, but I suspect that is what they will look for.

Brandon C: If you were to send the Yankees a fair trade in which they get Wigginton, what would it be?

James F: I'd deal Wiggy to the Yanks for David Adams or Corban Joseph, or closer to the deadline if there isn't something better out there, I'd go for someone like Jimmy Paredes or Brad Suttle packaged with an arm like Jairo Heredia or Brackman who has had trouble developing.

Pretty standard questions, but interesting that the Orioles are looking for pretty good prospects for Wigginton. I'm terrible with valuing MLB players equally with prospects, but a name that jumps out at me is Reegie Corona. The Yankees have him in AAA and he is competing to make the MLB and stay there with Eduardo Nunez, Kevin Russo, and Ramiro Pena.