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Dodgers 9, Yankees 4: A Forgettable Ride

Sorry about the overflow fail, I swear I scheduled it, but looks like it only saved as a draft.

I enjoyed the vocal stylings of John Sterling for this game.  I got in the car in Binghamton, and the Yankees were up 3-2.  When I lost the signal near Great Bend, AJ was in the shower and the Yanks were clearly in trouble.

So PA readers who live near Scranton- what radio station do you listen to?  When I lived there, a very low powered AM station used to carry the game (530 AM?), but I couldn't find a feed tonight.

By the time I came in range of the Lehigh Valley radio station, the game was out of reach.  And then Joe G brought in Chan Ho Park.

I'm as worried about the state of the bullpen as I am about AJ.  Don't get me wrong: AJ's continued calamity is a major, major concern.  But I think AJ is going to get it together.

Joe G needs to rethink his use of CHoP.  The guy is a one inning pitcher, at best.

Play of the Game: Tex's 3 run homer increased the Yanks' odds of winning by 15.4%.  Of course, AJ beat those odds.  The Dodgers recorded the next 5 most important plays.

Comment of the Game: greatscott723's take on the announcing.