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Angry Email Part II

Back in March I posted an email that I recieved from an angry fan. Well, not sure if this is the same fan, but I have recieved another interesting email. This one is about basically the entire season and has a solid combination of mis-spellings, horrible trade ideas, and just plain awfulness. I obviously cannot reveal anything about the sender (all I know is the email address) but to me it seems like an angry teenager. Enjoy after the jump!

This season has been very dissapointing for the Bronx Bombers. I have seen over and over again A.J. Burnett fail. I used to call him Awesome Job Burnett but I now call him awful joke Burnett (see I even un capitolized it) The Yankees rotation has been good but can be better. My first idea would be to trade Burnett Pena and Russo to the Mariners for Cliff Lee and Joe Lopez. (Guessing he means Jose) Lopez can shore up the infield and Lee can shore up the rotation.

My next idea would be much awesomer. It requires cash exchange likely (and Im not talking about the general manager LOL!) The Yankees should trade Brett "the gardy man can" Gardner and Curtis "the grandy man can" Granderson to the Rays for Carlo Pena, JayJay Bartlett (shore up the infield) and B.J. (personal favorite nicknamed Bobby Jones) Upton! That shores up tons of problems for the Boys in the Bronx!

Finally my final idea is to do too things. Ask Tommy Glavine to unretire and help our bullpen down the stretch as a lefty reliever. Also get Chippy Chip Jones from the Braves for a prospect of there choice (just not Houston Romine...GET IT! HOUSTON!) Braves llook like a real contender with Cox and Jones riding there last season out together and i dont want them to beat us in world series!

What are your thoughts Brandon? Good moves? Love to hear feedback! Would have posted it on Pinstripe Alley but i dont have username and am very lazy!

I must say that that was one of the best and most....uh....interesting emails I have ever recieved. He got his wish, it's on Pinstripe Alley! Hey, who knows, maybe Bobby Jones Upton or Houston Romine will read it! Hope this gave you guys some good laughs!