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Buy A T-Shirt Honoring The King

Yes, you can now buy an official Pinstripe Alley t-shirt honoring the great one himself, Francisco Cervelli. This is the first of what will, hopefully, be many t-shirts and sweatshirts you will be able to get via the brand new Pinstripe Alley Store. Simply click on the image below to order your shirt.

We want to do more of these, and this is a chance for you to shine. Your help in coming up with designs for these is appreciated. Send your ideas to Due to copyright, we can't use likenesses or full names, so keep that in mind when thinking of designs. Whatever we come up with has to pass muster of the SB Nation legal team, so we don't get the company sued. But, have fun with it!


The Cervelli Prayer is now on the back of the shirt. So, quit commenting and start buying.