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Yankees 9, Orioles 1: Hughes great again

Today we witnessed the retirement of one of the dozen or so greatest position players ever, as well as what may turn out to be one of the most notoriously horrific blown calls in the history of the game. 

In the midst of that, Phil Hughes spun what is becoming a typical outing for him this season, the sixth time in 10 starts he's gone 7 innings and allowed 2 or fewer earned runs.

On offense, every hitter except Tex and Cervelli reached base, and once the Yankees led 6-0 after the third, the game was basically over.

Play of the Game: somewhat surprisingly, this goes to Curtis Granderson's 2-run double in the second, which increased the Yankees' chances of winning by 13.9%

Quote of the Game: goes to FreeBradshaw.  Somebody posted the address of Major League Baseball, suggesting we write to Bud Selig to express our feelings, which prompted this:

I'm gonna send him nude pictures of Ernest Borgnine