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Yankees 5, Mets 3: Chicks Dig the Long Ball

From where I sat in section 408, Phil Hughes looked brilliant except for 2 pitches to Jose Reyes.

The highlight of the game, for me, was getting to chant 'Jose josejosejose' after Hughes K'd him to end the 5th.

What a difference a day makes though...  Did you know that the Yankees had exactly 1 more baserunner for today's game than they had in Friday's game?  And did you know that the 1 extra baserunner was a walk- 8 hits in both games.  But 5 runs means that the offense showed up (LoHud) and Yankees' bats awaken (NYPost).

Why let facts get in the way of a good narrative, right guys?

From the swings I watched, Cano is still hot, Tex is still hitting everything in the air and getting lucky when a long fly bounces over the fence, GGBG is able to slap hits to all fields more than I expected, and Swisher belongs in the 2 spot.

The day will come when the pitchers struggle through a couple turns in the rotation.  It's a long season, and we shouldn't expect a quality start from every pitchers.  But watching Hughes today reminds me a lot of Roger Clemens' 2001 when he seems to have his A game every start.

Play of the Game: Reyes' second homer swung the odds 18% toward the Mets.  Granderson's homer brought them 17.3% for the Yankees, Tex's homer moved the odds 17.2% for the Yanks.

Comment of the Game: I wasn't around for the game thread, so nominate a CoG in the comments below and I'll pick a winner in the morning.

In the meantime, feel free to use this as your open thread for the night.