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The Tools of Ignorance: Saturday News

The media is making this one all about the offense.

The NYPost thinks those scrappy Mets have knock out the local bully.

While I completely understand about how the media is looking to knock the Yankees down after building them up to be a juggernaut all off season, I find it hard to think of the Mets as the scrappy underdog. While their $126M payroll is closed to lapped by the Yanks', the Mets only trail the Cubs and the Phillies in the National League. Granted, the Mets' payroll dropped $23M from last season, and that includes a $12M investment in Ollie Perez, so maybe we can call them scrappy after all...

You can blame the offense all you want, and they have been bad in the last 3 games, but Takahashi has now pitched 12 innings against the Yanks, allowed 12 baserunners and exactly 0 earned runs.

Credit where credit is due.

Since Arod aggravated his hip, he has played 7 games, and he has hit .200/.231/.288.  Maybe it's time to move him down in the lineup?

We all know that Robbie Cano is leading the league in hitting (.367), and he leads the team in OBP (.414).  That's the good news.

In the last two weeks, Tex has been brutal (again? still?), Granderson has hit below .200, Jeter has hit .170, and even Swisher has cooled to .217.  I don't have a solution for all these problems, other than let the guys try to work it out.

Maybe it's time to retract the Kevin Long, best hitting coach in baseball hyperbole?