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0-9 with RISP: Mets shut-out Yankees, 4-0

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After Posada grounded out with the bases full.
After Posada grounded out with the bases full.

You aren't going to win many games when you don't get a single hit with runners in scoring position. The Yankees' offensive slumber continues, and even seems to be deepening. After scoring three runs and one run the last two nights, they failed to score once tonight. I just don't get how a team with Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada can fail to score a single run. I don't get how a lefty can throw his changeup a third of the time, but not one of hitter sits on it? Is this the same lineup that scored six times off Roy f--king Halladay? I'm not sure because they've scored a total of four runs in three games since then.

How many times did the Yankees swing at 2-0 or 3-1 pitches and make weak outs? It sure seemed like a lot. They left the bases loaded twice. They had eight hits but only one for extra-bases (Cervelli's double).

Javier Vazquez was the tough luck loser. The man threw seven innings of one-run ball (3 h, 3 bb, 4 k), further lowering his ERA to 5.01. 

Play of the GameRipley says the POG was actually Frankie's leadoff double in the seventh (+13%). Understandably, the vast majority of the time, that guy scores to tie the game. And being at home, the home team usually wins. But then Granderson K'd (Cervelli, does he look putrid against LHP sometimes), and Gardner and Jeter grounded out. 

Comment of the Game: I'mGivingYouARaise's jab at Boston's catching tandem.