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Phillies 7, Yankees 1. Yuck!

I'll show you guys a facepalm.
I'll show you guys a facepalm.

Mood Music - Wheel In The Sky by Journey [To signify how we need to put this behind us]

It was "that sort of night" as they say, and I'm not going to waste any internet space recounting it, as I'm sure none of you want to relive it either.  Yankees line drives being caught, Phillies check swings landing for singles, a Victorino Yankee Stadium special, and Andy Pettitte getting absolutely no run support.

But before we start throwing around the word "luck" let's consult The Most Interesting Man In The World.




Via Youtube.......

Comment of the Game goes to Jedi Master A-Rod for summing up my feelings perfectly:

The sauce, it's extremely weak tonight

Play of the game: Victorino's home run.