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Around the Yankees Galaxy 6/14/2010

-In case you forget to look....


That's the sweet taste of first place. 

-Earlier last week, Rob Neyer gave his take on what's ailing CC Sabathia.  I don't disagree about the K/BB ratio stuff, but I have to think that the league and division changes have had somewhat of an impact on that.  I also want to caution about jumping to conclusions too soon - CC's ERA was as high as 3.95 in early August last season, and especially when we're this early, even 2-3 earned runs can have a somewhat large impact on ERA.  

-River Avenue Blues speculates a lot, and I doubt there's any chance it will ever happen.  But it's an entertaining thought.  With no full-time DH and a roster of older position players, having backups who can hit really makes a difference, as we saw a few weeks ago. 

-LoHud brings up an idea, but I was already on this almost two weeks ago.