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An Odd Anniversary For Yankees, Astros

Do you now what today is, New York Yankees' fans? Yes, it's Friday. It's also a fairly infamous day in Yankee history.

Today marks the seven-year anniversary of the Houston Astrossix-man no-hitter against the Yankees. Of course, in an odd twist of fate, the Astros are back in the Bronx tonight to open Interleague play against the Yankees.

"It was kind of a weird game, because when there's that many pitchers, you sort of lose [track]," [Lance] Berkman said. "If there's one guy throwing a no-hitter, everything builds and everybody knows, 'Oh, there's a no-hitter, don't talk to the guy.' But I just remember it kind of dawned on me about the sixth or seventh that hey, the staff has a no-hitter. The pitchers didn't [know]. Even Jimy Williams, who was managing at the time, made a comment that he looked up in the eighth, and he was like, 'Wait a second, we've got a no-hitter going!"

'Weird' is a great way to describe it. I remember watching the game, and it was one of the oddest games I have ever seen.