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Challenge Alex Rodriguez? The Yankees say 'thank you'

Let's hope opposing managers never get the memo. Intentionally walking Mark Teixeira to pitch to Alex Rodriguez basically equals throwing up your hands and conceding to the New York Yankees.

Manny Acta of Cleveland tried that Sunday. He should have consulted with Minnesota skipper Ron Gardenhire first. A-Rod's ensuing grand slam was the big hit in the Yanks' 11-2 victory.

Check out these amazing numbers.

In their two years as Yankees teammates, Teixeira has been intentionally walked in front of Rodriguez on nine occasions. The only time Rodriguez was credited with an out in his batting line was last June 12. And all that happened that time was the most memorable moment for both New York teams in the 2009 regular season: Luis Castillo dropped a Rodriguez popup, two runs scored and the Yanks walked off to beat the Mets.

Andy Pettitte is 7-1 and tied Whitey Ford Monday with 236 career victories. But, he still is not thinking beyond this year.

By now everyone - even Pettitte - agrees he is pitching better than at any time in his career, but as he again cautions those who would suggest there are Hall of Fame plateaus not far from reach now, this is a 2010 thing.