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Pace Yourself: Looking Back at May and Ahead to June

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The old saying is "take 2 of 3 from the bad teams and play .500 against the contenders."

The Yanks faced a slew of contenders in May, playing 18 of 27 games against playoff hopefuls; I asked the Yanks to go 17-12 (actually, I asked for 17-13, but no one checked my math).

They responded by going 16-13, a tick less than we hoped for, but not a disappointing month including what is likely to be the toughest stretch of the season.

How much easier should June be? The Yanks play 14 games against 4 of the teams currently in last place in their respective divisions.

Non-contenders: Baltimore 6, Toronto 3, Houston 3, Arizona 3, Seattle 2.

Contenders: Phillies 3, Mets 3, Dodgers 3

The hangups could come from a variety of places- the Blue Jays have a powerful offense, Seattle has incredible pitching, Baltimore has young starters who could put together a tough string of games. The Mets might be more pretenders than contenders as they get drubbed by the Padres while I write, but I still think that in the NL, if they can get healthy they can take the Wild Card.

If I'm right about each team, that's asking for 11-6 against the non-contenders, 5-4 against the contenders for 16-10 over all.

Do you think that's asking too much or too little?