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Yankees 3, Red Sox 9

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Ladies and Gentleman, we have a bad AJ sighting.

In the third consecutive blowout game of the series, AJ Burnett was unable to hold the Red Sox bats at bay (with no thanks to Marcus Thames out in left field either).  Meanwhile, Jon Lester continued his rebound from early season troubles, holding the Yankees to two runs in seven innings.

At the plate, both Swish and Robbie Cano went 2-4 with an RBI, but nobody else did much.  Romulo Sanchez made his major league debut and pitched well; perhaps we'll see him take Robertson's place soon?

Play of the Game: In a game that was never close, Marcus Thames' error with two outs in the second inning proved to have the biggest impact on the final score.

Quote of the Game: Goes to waw, talking about Girardi's ejection:

On the plus side, if the Yankees get the lead, Joe cannot mismanage the bullpen