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Yankees 14, Red Sox 3

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You know, I never thought I'd wish I could hear the Fox announcers until a rain delay pushed the game to FX so Fox could show a bunch of cars making nothing but left turns for a few hours.

I just want to start by pointing out that, of the PA mods, I was the first on board with the Fracisco Cervelli to the All-Star game plan.

The Yankees have been incredibly lucky, but lucky combined with good makes a team look unbeatable.  And when your backup catcher supplies 3 hits and 5 RBI to raise his batting average above .400, it's easy to look unbeatable. The Frisco Kid is the first Yankee catcher since Yogi in '57 to rack up 5 RBIs against the Sox.  Try the words out, savor them: "Yogi and Frankie." Does your palate rejoice at the sweet texture of victory?  Can you detect the tangy hint of Red Sox tears?

Just as encouraging are the multi-hit games for Jeter, Tex, Arod and Swisher (even if Jeter and Tex both got hits off an outfielder).  Swish actually passed Jeter for the team lead in RBIs.  A 3 homer game for Tex means spring is over and the summer has begun.

On a day when CC wasn't his sharpest and lost the chance for a win to the rain delay with 2 out in the 5th, the Yanks needed their offense and their pen.  Both delivered.

Not encouraging was the injury to Aceves- stiff back- and the performance of D-Rob.  I think Bradshaw is right, he needs to throw the hook more, because people are catching up to his fastball.

Tomorrow, we go for the sweep.

Play of the game: Remember what I said before the game about not hitting people?  The biggest single play of the game was CC's gopherball to Victor Martinez with the fresh beaned Pedroia on first.  It swung the odds of victory 20% in the Sox favor.  Thankfully, Tex's homer to make it 3-4, and Cervelli's single to make it 3-6 were worth a combined 27% in our favor.

Comment of the game: I'mGivingYouARaise's suggestion for a post-game interview question to the Great One.