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Yanks get to Beckett, win series opener 10-3

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A lot to like from this game: the way the Yankees adjusted after Beckett's early dominance, A-Rod perhaps breaking out, the bottom of the order driving in five and scoring five, and Hughes' continued ascension to the status he deserves.

Beckett K'ed five Yankees through the first two frames, but the Yanks finally made him work in the third, and it paid dividends in the fourth: Nick Swisher put three on the board with a blast over the centerfield wall.

This may have been Phil Hughes' best 'stuff' game of the year. His fastball averaged 94.3 MPH and he maxed out at 96 - this is the Phil Hughes we heard about when he was named the best pitching prospect in baseball after the 2006 season ("sits 92-94, can reach 96, great curve, extreme pitchability").

When David Ortiz hit a warning-track sac-fly in the fourth, I immediately though: a juiced Ortiz puts that over the wall and ties the game.

What's not to like are Jeter and Cano getting hit (Cano leaving the game), and Nick Johnson departing due to a right wrist problem. Robbie is not expected to play tomorrow (he's "day-to-day") while NJ looks headed for the DL.

There's no chance of Jesus Montero getting the call after he pulled up lame running out a grounder tonight - my guess is Juan Miranda (like NJ, a LHB who plays 1B). There's even word they'll call up an extra infielder in case Cano can't go (Kevin Russo would be the prime candidate).

Play of the Game: Swish's three-run bomb, no question (+28%).

Comment of the Game: Scooby Snacks, for his .gif of John Sterling having an excited seizure.

Update: Montero may not have been injured. Scranton's beat writer speculates that he was pulled because of Nick Johnson's injury - if the Yankees need a full-time DH...

2nd update: Montero warmed up relievers in the bullpen later on, so he may have been pulled for not hustling.

  • Did Beckett purposely hit Cano and Jeter? In my humble opinion, no. The Cano pitch was supposed to be inside, it just was too inside, and if you're going to hit a guy on purpose, you do it in the back or shoulder, not down by the knees. And DJ's HBP should be self-explanatory: the bases were juiced and his team was down four already; it would be monumentally stupid to 'make a point' by hitting a guy and allow another run to score.

The first time he threw up and in against Cervelli I do believe was purposeful - but not the second time, again because the bases were loaded...

However, that does not give him the right to pitch without any regard for the health of his opponents. I believe it was Joe Girardi who said it best (back when Jeremy Guthrie clipped Posada in Spring Training), "If you can't command your pitches, you have no business pitching inside and potentially injuring batters." That was Beckett tonight.

You have to wonder how Theo Epstein - and Boston fans - feel about Beckett after signing a four-year extension and seeing him put up a 7.46 ERA through seven starts. At least we're 'stuck' with Javy Vazquez for only one year.