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Just a few New York Yankee notes

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Just a few links for you this morning while we await Yankees-Red Sox on an extremely busy day for me.

  • So, the Core Four has turned into the Sore Four. Or, at least the Sore Three of Four. The makers of Bubble Wrap apparently want to make sure nothing happens to Derek Jeter.
  • The Red Sox are 15-14, and the pitching and defense GM Theo Epstein tried to build the team around have thus far let Boston down.

    Through Wednesday, Boston’s 4.63 earned run average was about a half-run higher than the A.L. average, and their fielders had committed 20 errors, the most in their division.
  • Remember that changeup Phil Hughes spent all spring talking about and working on? Well, he is barely using it.
  • Yankees want to be "safe" with Andy Pettitte.
  • River Avenue Blues points out how much more important the recovery of Javier Vazquez suddenly looks.